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The best way to use AI in your workflow.

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The best way to use AI in your

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You get dozens of daily e-mails, but only some need your immediate attention, so the e-mail classifier below helps you maintain an organized inbox. For customer complaints, we summarize the main issue and notify #customer-support on Slack. Delayed orders go into #customer-relation.

Bonus Points: Any other orders will be written to your database instead.

Email Classification Example Flow

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Explore other use cases

Integrate directly into Waveline.

We have blocks for all your favorite services. Use Waveline to automate email workflows, generate database queries, and build custom AI pipelines.

Workflow Integrations

Extract Information with LLMs.

Waveline Extract parses unstructured data and repackages it into a structured format. We use multiple purpose-built LLMs to ensure the highest quality for the most file formats.

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Workflow Integrations

No ML experience required.

We provide a flow-based low-code interface that anyone can use without prior machine learning experience.

Write Custom Code. If you need to.

Run any custom code directly inside your flow. We provide you with a full virtual machine with support for Python and JavaScript, no setup required.

Workflow Integrations

Worry about what's important.

Waveline takes care of deploying, hosting, and scaling your applications. This way, you can focus on more important tasks.